The “saying the quiet part out loud” award of the week goes to Sen. Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa:

So Grassley appears to be talking about this op-ed, which is behind a paywall at The Wall Street Journal. And since I’d rather inject fermented beluga whale semen into my eyeballs while riding a Tilt-a-Whirl with Ted Nugent and a haphazardly diapered feral pig (which is vastly preferable to an undiapered Ted Nugent, mind you) than give Rupert Murdoch any more money, I won’t share any of the excerpts. I can only assume that he really likes tax cuts for the wealthy, because that’s the only thing Wall Street Journal opinion writers ever talk about.

But that’s burying the lede.

“Whoever keeps watch on @realDonaldTrump”? You mean you don’t know either?

Is he home alone? Are you saying this could all be ended with a two-minute call to Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci?

Also, “President wld benefit fr reading it.” Good luck with that. Maybe print one sentence from the op-ed each day on the pr*sident’s 12-piece McNuggets box. You might luck out. Other than that? Forget it, dude. You’re on your own. As are the rest of us.

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