Sen. Grassley seems to think households making $400,000 a year are 'middle income'

Is it sinking in for Republicans yet just how much they’ve fucked up? In the eyes of millions of Americans, they’re now the party of COVID-19, election theft, voter suppression, sedition, and smaller checks for fewer people. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is outsmarting them at every turn, having recently brushed back the GOP’s insincere overtures before passing massive COVID-19 relief, which includes direct cash assistance to a vast majority of Americans. 

So while Kevin McCarthy was reading Green Eggs and Ham to prove he has the cognitive dexterity to recite children’s books and ignore pressing the needs of his constituents, Democrats were coming through for the American people, just as Joe promised.

So what can Republicans do? Oh, here’s an idea! Pretend that people making more than $400,000 a year are solidly middle class.

  • March 18, 2021