Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Helps Joe Biden Get Ready To Kick Trump's Ass Out Of The White House


Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) in support of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:

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Hi there. It’s Elizabeth Warren.

I’m sending you a message today because, as a grassroots donor, you are powerfully important in making sure we elect Joe Biden this November and get Donald Trump out of the White House for good.

You power this fight, truly, and every single dollar you can give counts a great deal. Which is why I was very glad to call some of Joe’s donors the other week, and why I would do it again in a heartbeat.

So I’m writing to thank you for your past donations, and to forward this message from my friend Joe.

Because if you are able to give again right now, you’ll have another opportunity to get a personal phone call. I’ll be making some of these again soon, so maybe I’ll get to thank you myself.

Joe has a big end-of-month deadline on Sunday, so if you can give during this time, please make a contribution today — I would be deeply grateful. Any amount you can give matters, and you can do that here.

The choices that people like you make — to support a campaign, to give your hard-earned dollars — are what makes or breaks a movement. I believe that down to my toes.

You help make this campaign possible. And that’s why calling grassroots donors to thank them is one of the best uses of a candidate’s time there is.

So thank you, thank you. If you can, I hope you’ll make a donation to help Joe hit his $6 million goal by Sunday, and I hope Joe and I can thank you personally sometime.

Thanks for being a part of this,


Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

  • May 30, 2020