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Sen. Cory Booker passionately urges on street protests and gives specific directions.

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Sen. Cory Booker used his recent appearance on Meet The Press to discuss too much reliance on policing. But when one reads between the lines, it's much deeper. It is about taking back the government to fulfill our needs and wants.

Cory Booker's passionate admonition is spot on.

Watch the full episode here.

Cory Booker starts out by stating an inconvenient truth, especially in a country that purports to be a democracy.

“We have created a nation distinct from any other on the planet Earth,” Cory Booker said. “We incarcerate the plurality of the human beings incarcerated. One out of every three women on the planet Earth that are incarcerated are here in America. We've taken so much of our treasure between the time I was in law school to the time I was mayor. We were building a new prison or jail every 10 days.”

Cory Booker then points out that currently, we attempt to solve too much via over-policing.

“Explicitly and complicity,” Cory Booker continued. “We all have made a decision that we are gonna treat mental illness with prison, jail, and police; Addiction with prison, jail, and police; Poverty with prison, jail, and police; And overwhelmingly African Americans with prison, jail, and police.”

And then the coup de grace of the interview. It is deeper than just policing. It is a statement about taking back control of our government for the people, the masses, the middle-class, the poor.

“If there are protesters listening to the show,” Cory Booker said. “I just pray and I want to say to them with all sincerity, stay on the streets in your nonviolent protest. Stay demanding change. This is not a referendum on one person in one office. This is a referendum on who we are as Americans and who we are gonna be to each other. This is a moral moment. Will we become a more loving and compassionate society not with our rhetoric but with our laws and our rules and how I treat the most vulnerable. And so this is that moment that I think Joe Biden can be the president for. But the responsibility is not on any individual. It's on all of us.

This must be the democratic clarion call. It is about using people-power now and going forward.

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