Sen. Chris Murphy expertly debunks GOP's lies about Biden and gas prices

Over the past several days, as they’ve continued to search for new and exciting ways to dishonestly smear President Biden, congressional Republicans have let us know in no uncertain terms that if we simply drill … into their heads, we’ll still find nothing.

Since the brutal gelding of Mr. Potato Head didn’t have quite the impact on Biden’s political fortunes that they’d hoped, they’ve glommed onto an issue that Americans actually do care about—gas prices. Unfortunately, basically everything they say on the topic is a grotesque lie. In MAGA-world, gas prices are high because Joe Biden is an evil America-hater. Or because he wants us all to replace our SUVs with nonbinary, hemp-powered, sparkle-fart-propelled unicorns. Or maybe it simply comes down to communism because, you know, it sounds bad, and none of their voters have any clue about what it actually is.

  • March 10, 2022