Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. (D. PA) Helps Fellow Scranton Son, Joe Biden, Get Ready To Flip PA Back To Blue


Received this e-mail yesterday from U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D. PA) in support of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:

In uncertain times like these, our families deserve a steady leader we can count on to do what's right. We deserve a leader who will act with dignity and put the needs of working families ahead of his personal agenda.

Joe Biden is the leader we need in this make-or-break moment for the working class, but President Donald Trump and his dark money allies have a three-year head start on Joe, and a huge cash-on-hand advantage.

Joe's been down before. The pundits counted him out in the primary, but people like you gave him a chance to come from behind and win the nomination. Now we need to keep that momentum going.

Will you chip in before Sunday's end-of-month deadline to make sure Joe Biden can beat the odds and restore real leadership to the White House? Chip in to help reach our $15,000 goal now.

Bob endorsed Joe last year because America needs a president who will fight for working families like yours, not corporate special interests.

That's more true than ever today.

Joe needs the resources to not only catch up with the opposition, but to run a campaign unlike we've seen before. You can be a part of that campaign by chipping in now.

Chip in and help Joe Biden continue building momentum to win in November. Help us raise another $15,000 to help elect Joe before Sunday's deadline.

Thank you,

Team Casey

Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

  • May 28, 2020