New Gallup data shows a possible path to victory for Bernie Sanders

Now that’s what I’m talking about:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced endorsements for more than 150 Democrats running in local races across the country.

Sanders said the 172 contenders he endorsed Friday would be strong advocates for the progressive movement and that victories at the local level will help lay the foundation for a “political revolution.”

“Yes — we all must do everything we can to defeat Donald Trump who is a threat to the very future of our democracy. But it’s not just the White House or seats in the U.S. Congress that are up for grabs in this election,” Sanders wrote in a Medium post. “In every corner of the country, strong progressives are running at the state and local level to represent our movement and lead the fight to transform this country.

“We need to continue building and strengthening our movement from the ground up by electing more progressives to state and local positions,” he continued. “Because the truth is that the victories we accomplish in this election will lay the groundwork for the future of our political revolution.”

Here’s the full list:


  • Andres Cano for State Representative, LD 3
  • Athena Salman for State Representative, LD 26
  • Melody Hernandez for State Representative, LD 26
  • Diego Rodriguez for State Representative, LD 27
  • Reginald Bolding for State Representative, LD 27
  • Richard Andrade for State Representative LD 29
  • Raquel Teran for State Representative, LD 30
  • Juan Mendez for State Senator, LD 26
  • Martin Quezada for State Senator, LD 29
  • Adelita Grijalva for Pima County Supervisor, District 5
  • Gabriella Cázares-Kelly for Pima County Recorder
  • Laura Conover for Pima County Attorney


  • Kansen Chu for Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, District 3
  • Abigail Medina for State Senate, District 23
  • Alex Lee for State Assembly, District 25
  • Ash Kalra for State Assembly, District 27
  • Reggie Jones-Sawyer for State Assembly, District 59
  • Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for State Assembly, District 64
  • Lacei Amodei for City Council, Hayward
  • Nestor Castillo for City Council, Hayward
  • Elisha Crader for City Council, Hayward
  • Cheryl Davila for City Council, Berkeley
  • Carroll Fife for City Council, Oakland
  • Nithya Raman for City Council, Los Angeles
  • Suely Saro for City Council, Long Beach
  • Tunua Thrash-Ntuk for City Council, Long Beach
  • Cari Templeton for City Council, Palo Alto
  • Jovanka Beckles for AC Transit Board of Directors, Ward 1
  • Holly Mitchell for Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County
  • Al Clark for Vice-Mayor, Carpinteria
  • George Gascón for District Attorney, Los Angeles County


  • Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez for State Representative, District 4
  • Alex Valdez for State Representative, District 5
  • Emily Sirota for State Representative, District 9
  • Monica Duran for State Representative, District 24
  • Yadira Caraveo for State Representative, District 31
  • Iman Jodeh for State Representative, District 41
  • Alexis King for District Attorney, JD 1
  • Alonzo Payne for District Attorney, JD 12
  • Amy Padden for District Attorney, JD 18
  • Ilana Spiegel for CU Board of Regents


  • Monique Worrell for State Attorney, 9th Circuit
  • Harold Pryor for State Attorney, 17th Circuit
  • Alton Edmond for Sheriff, Brevard County
  • Marco Lopez for Sheriff, Osceola County
  • Eliseo Santana for Sheriff, Pinellas County


  • Troy Jackson for State Senate, District 1
  • David Miramant for State Senate, District 12
  • Stacy Brenner for State Senate, District 30
  • Patricia Kidder for State House, District 19
  • Ben Collings for State House, District 42
  • Jim Handy for State House, District 58
  • Ken Morse for State House, District 71
  • Lydia Crafts for State House, District 90
  • Amy Roeder for State House, District 125
  • Lillie Lavado for State House, District 147


  • Abe Aiyash for State Representative, District 4
  • Abdullah Hammoud for State Representative, District 15
  • Chris Slat for State Representative, District 17
  • Julia Pulver for State Representative, District 39
  • Nicole Breadon for State Representative, District 43
  • Yousef Rabhi for State Representative, District 53
  • Felicia Brabec for State Representative, District 55
  • Tamara Barnes for State Representative, District 58
  • Lily Cheng-Schulting for State Representative, District 72
  • Chokwe Pitchford for State Representative, District 79
  • Brian Mosallam for Michigan State University Board of Trustees
  • Eli Savit for County Prosecutor, Washtenaw County


  • Manny Espitia for State Representative, Nashua 4
  • Carlos Cardona for State Representative, Belknap 3
  • Sherry Frost for State Representative, Strafford 16
  • Tim Smith for State Representative, Hillsborough 17
  • Renny Cushing for State Representative, Rockingham 21
  • Mackenzie Murphy for State Representative, Hillsborough 21
  • Jan Schmidt for State Representative, Hillsborough 28
  • Mark King for State Representative, Hillsborough 33
  • Mark MacKenzie for Executive Council, District 4
  • Mindi Messmer for Executive Council, District 3


  • Jessica González-Rojas for State Assembly, AD 34
  • Zohran Mamdani for State Assembly, AD 36
  • Ron Kim for State Assembly, AD 40
  • Yuh-Line Niou for State Assembly, AD 65
  • Anna Kelles for State Assembly, AD 125
  • Dia Carabajal for State Assembly, AD 126
  • Christine Pellegrino for State Senate, SD 4
  • James Sanders for State Senate, SD 10
  • Mike Gianaris for State Senate, SD 12
  • Jessica Ramos for State Senate, SD 13
  • Julia Salazar for State Senate, SD 18
  • Jabari Brisport for State Senate, SD 25
  • Luis Sepúlveda for State Senate, SD 32
  • Patrick Nelson for State Senate, SD 43
  • Samra Brouk for State Senate, SD 55


  • Sara Innamorato for State Representative, District 21
  • Summer L. Lee for State Representative, District 34
  • John Padora for State Representative, District 37
  • Nicole Miller for State Representative, District 87
  • Tara Shakespeare for State Representative, District 88
  • Tara Zrinski for State Representative, District 138
  • Elizabeth Fiedler for State Representative, District 184
  • Rick Krajewski for State Representative, District 188
  • Nikil Saval for State Senate, District 1
  • Amanda Cappelletti for State Senate, District 17
  • Shanna Danielson for State Senate, District 31


  • Brandon Potter for State House, District 16
  • Megan Cotter for State House, District 39
  • Leonela Felix for State House, District 61
  • Michelle McGaw for State House, District 71
  • Kendra Anderson for State Senate, District 31
  • Jen Volpe Douglas for State Senate, District 34
  • Charmaine Webster for City Council, Woonsocket
  • Marlene Guay for City Council, Woonsocket
  • Vaughan Miller for City Council, Woonsocket
  • Alex Kithes for City Council, Woonsocket
  • Adamaris Villar for City Council, Central Falls


  • Terry Alexander for State Representative, District 59
  • Leon Howard for State Representative, District 76
  • Ivory Thigpen for State Representative, District 79
  • Justin Bamberg for State Representative, District 90
  • Cezar McKnight for State Representative, District 101
  • Wendell Gilliard for State Representative, District 111
  • Krystle Matthews for State Representative, District 117
  • Michael Rivers for State Representative, District 121


  • Alex Annello for City Council, El Paso District 2
  • Greg Casar for City Council, Austin District 4
  • Erin Zwiener for State Representative, District 45
  • José Garza for District Attorney, Travis County


  • David Zuckerman, Governor
  • TJ Donovan, Attorney General
  • Jim Condos, Secretary of State
  • Beth Pearce, State Treasurer
  • Doug Hoffer, Auditor
  • Chris Pearson, State Senate
  • Cheryl Hooker, State Senate
  • Anthony Pollina, State Senate
  • Andrew Perchlik, State Senate
  • Tanya Vyhovsky, State Representative
  • Mari Cordes, State Representative
  • Matt Birong, State Representative
  • Jubilee McGill, State Representative
  • Joseph “Chip” Troiano, State Representative
  • Scott Campbell, State Representative
  • Dennis LaBounty, State Representative
  • Emily Hecker, State Representative
  • Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, State Representative
  • Selene Colburn, State Representative
  • Taylor Small, State Representative
  • Bob Hooper, State Representative
  • Brian Cina, State Representative
  • Martha Allen, State Representative
  • Mike McCarthy, State Representative
  • Dennis Williams, State Representative
  • Jo Sabel Courtney, State Representative
  • Dave Yacovone, State Representative
  • Avram Patt, State Representative
  • Susan Hatch Davis, State Representative
  • Larry Satcowitz, State Representative
  • Katherine Sims, State Representative
  • Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, State Representative
  • Mollie Burke, State Representative
  • Kevin “Coach” Christie, State Representative
  • Elizabeth Burrows, State Representative
  • Heather Surprenant, State Representative


  • Rusty Williams for House of Delegates, District 35


  • Kendra Anderson for State Senate, District 31
  • Supreme Moore Omokunde for State Assembly, AD 17
  • Sarah Yacoub for State Assembly, AD 30
  • Kristina Shelton for State Assembly, AD 48
  • Kriss Marion for State Assembly, AD 51
  • Dan Schierl for State Assembly, AD 55
  • Emily Berge for State Assembly, AD 68
  • Samba Baldeh, Assembly District 48

I don’t have time to synch up name’s account but I recommend donating to these Democratic State parties:

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  • October 12, 2020
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