self-ownage: Jordan Peterson probably thinks a Red Skull comic is about him

You’d think that a scholar in psychology, however flawed, would understand projection, and that fascism is more than making trains run on time, even when they didn’t. Hail Hydra, because parody is meta-criticism and perhaps we’ll see some plagiarism lawfare over self-help brand infringement.

Jordan Peterson getting angry about comic book villain Red Skull makes us appreciate how Ta-Nehisi Coates gets the ideology of nazi dirtbags completely right, much like the current US neo-nazis are syncretically encouraged by Putin.



1. Keep up with innovations 2. Value your time 3. Structure your life properly 4. Be prepared to make sacrifices 5. Have transcendent goals 6. Treat yourself properly 7. Discover your values 8. Develop wisdom 9. Practice radical humility 10. Be fair

In this Marvel arc, a post-Soviet Aleksander Lukin does have that Zombie Putin as ex-KGB and Aleksandr Dugin RW authoritarian syncretism going on.

Lukin and the Red Skull have worked uneasily together against their common foe Captain America, even as the Red Skull wages a campaign for control of Lukin’s body; Lukin vows to kill himself before allowing that to happen.[6] Upon the Winter Soldier’s discovery of Lukin’s connection with the Red Skull, the Red Skull and Lukin fake ‘their’ death to continue to operate from the shadows.[7] With his former enforcer as Captain America, the pair contrive to abduct Sharon Carter to attach to a machine that will bring back the time-displaced Steve Rogers, however, their captive rebels and destroys the machine. In a last-ditch maneuver, Arnim Zola transfers the Red Skull’s consciousness into a robot while Lukin is free at last before being gunned down by Carter only a few seconds afterwards.[8]

It was later revealed that Lukin was brought back from the dead by his wife Alexa Lukin, with the help of Rasputin and Selene. The Lukins join the Power Elite. As a side effect of his revival, the fragment of Red Skull’s mind within Lukin was also revived.[9]…


In other intelligence failures, the public sphere gets a chance to return:

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