Seinfeld's 'George' to Ted Cruz: 'The jerk store called and they're running out of you!'


I have to believe Jason Alexander, who animated the apoplectic George Costanza on Seinfeld for its entire nine-season run, has been teeing this one up for 20 years.

Well, he finally found his perfect muse and/or mouse.

After Sen. Michael Bennet recently became the latest Dem to announce a presidential bid, Cruz took aim at him in that clueless “I’m Ted Cruz and I think I’m funny because I watch funny shows and quote them” sort of way.

But George wasn’t having it. In fact, George is getting upset!

Based on the time stamps, it appears that Alexander must have thought of this days later while driving home in his car. But, hey, better late than never.

“Jerk store is the line!”

By the way, Bennet says he’s running to “annoy Ted Cruz.”

Sounds like a winning strategy to me. Based on that alone, his bid already makes more sense than Tulsi Gabbard’s.

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  • May 7, 2019
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