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SD-Gov: New Poll Has Billie Sutton (D) Leading Kristi Noem (R) 45-42

Some big news today out South Dakota:


Here’s some more info:

In a polling memo released Thursday morning, polling firm ALG Research wrote:

“Despite a nearly 2:1 party registration advantage for Republicans in South Dakota, rancher Billie Sutton is leading Congresswoman Kristi Noem (45% Sutton / 42% Noem / 3% Evans / 10% undecided) in the open-seat gubernatorial race. Sutton’s strong popularity and crossover appeal among Republicans and Independents has now propelled him into a narrow lead.”

Sutton said, “We’ve felt the energy in this race as Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike tell me they’re frustrated with the stale and complacent culture in state government and are ready to end politics as usual. This race is about working together to clean up state government, creating economic opportunities, and building a stronger South Dakota, and that message is resonating with folks across the state and across the political spectrum.”

Click here for more info.

Let’s have the Blue Wave come to South Dakota! Click here to donate and get involved with Sutton’s campaign.

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