on testing prominent figures —  I think all key leaders in Govt SHOULD be tested, & probably every couple of days, whether or not they are showing symptoms. Perhaps the new quick Abbott labs tests can be used for that purpose. We do not want the government laid low because of infections. That should apply to  state governments as well. It is not for the benefit of the government figures, but for us.

On statistics about the virus & deaths.  First, we clearly have had and are having people who have it who are never tested.  I also suspect that over the past few months many people who died at home w/o being tested, or some who died in hospitals/nursing homes & had their deaths attributed to flu or pneumonia or other upper respiratory ailments may have died from Covid-19. We can certainly test survivors for antibodies to get a clearer picture, and we should, but we may never know how many may have already died.

We do not YET know if having recovered one is (a) immune from getting it again, or (b) still capable of transmitting to others. If we rush returning folks to work/education we greatly risk subsequent explosions.

I have  another person I know now infected — someone from the school in which I first taught, 1995-98.  Picked up info from his aunt, who was the principal of that school. 

All of this is preface.  What I really want to share is below.

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