SCOTUS nudges churches' flocks to the slaughter once again

The Supreme Court heard another case pitting religious “liberty” against science and—hey, ho!—science lost again.

Religious liberty is a bedrock American value. It doesn’t simply protect believers’ right to believe; it also, perhaps indirectly, helps preserve my right not to believe. If Mormons aren’t allowed to believe in sacred underwear, how long will it be before I’m told I have to stop reading Jeremy Bentham essays before bed? (For the record, I don’t, but “Jeremy Bentham essays” sounds marginally more impressive than “Archie comics.”)

But while I’m personally not religious, I strongly support the right of all citizens to believe whatever they want to, so long as it doesn’t, you know, exacerbate a pandemic that’s already killed more than 470,000 Americans and, for all I know, could be closing in on me.

While he was campaigning for a job he apparently assumed he’d keep until his purpling corpse was wheeled from the Oval on a flotilla of Costco flat carts, Donald Trump promised he’d appoint “pro-life” Supreme Court justices. What he really meant was he’d appoint anti-abortion religious zealots, because the conservatives on the court look pretty effing “pro-death” to me.

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