Make no mistake, Amy Coney Barrett is not ashamed to make her positions clear, if not explicitly, implicitly, and she is a danger to most.

The meek-looking Amy Coney Barrett is dangerous

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Senator Dick Durbin made the direction of his questioning clear. It was about voting rights. This should have been a softball. In fact, he even queued it up if a perfect example. Amy Coney Barrett could not even get that one right.

Durbin pointed out that Republicans modus operandi of voter suppression was in full vogue. He gave the Harris Country Texas example where over 4 million Texans were only allowed to deposit their vote in one dropbox. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is allowing one dropbox per county irrespective of country size. Now Republicans are suing to stop drive-through ballot drop-offs.

But the coup de grace in this exchange sadly is when Durbin pointed out that Barret said that while it is OK that felons cannot vote, constitutionally, they cannot be denied a gun. What this means is simple. Barrett is willing to allow states to engage in voter suppression selectively.

The Supreme Court chipped away at voting rights protections. And Barrett, on the Supreme Court given her past opinions as illustrated in this video, clarifies she is not much different from the man who nominated her.

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