SCOTUS: A Bunch of Pinko Commie Fascist RINOs!

After a brief dip in the right-wing swamp, ick.

I am not surprised that the wingnuts are wiling not only to dump the concept of democracy but the constitution itself.

  • We want a democracy of the pure!
  • We want a democracy of like-minded people!
  • We want a democracy of Stepford!
  • We want only one name on the ballots!
  • Freedom is a one party state!
  • We won!

Any deviation from group-think will not be tolerated.

  • No lie is too big.
  • No conspiracy theory too crazy.
  • Nothing is out of bounds to support our Grand Vizier.

All for what?

Saving the ass of a Bloated Bloviating Bigoted Billionaire.

Some people think these loonies are going away once the Pussy Grabber is gone, not a chance, they have been building up steam for decades stoked by the Republican Party.

Until the Republican Party grows a spine the loonies will multiply.

Nah, hatred buys them power, it is all they have got.