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Schooled my Right-Wing AK-47 touting caller on identity politics

Larry, an AK-47 touting Right-Wing Conservative found Politics Done Right and has become a regular listener to this very Progressive show. Today he called in to complain that I and Progressives in general play identity politics. And he does not believe in doing that.

Earlier in the same show, Larry complained about my interpretation of the Constitution. While he did not agree with it, he complimented me for being honest. He tends to believe most Progressives think as I do on the Constitution. To be clear, they likely do not.

Identity Politics is a must

I pointed out to Larry that there was a reason why one must not be ashamed of identity politics. America is comprised of a myriad of identities, women, native Americans, blacks, Asians, Latinos, and more.

Each of these identities has or has had problems in the United States specific to their particular identities. Black people in America have had to live through slavery followed by Jim Crow laws that removed their right to vote, redlining that stunted their wealth accumulation, and much more. The problem of women is distinct from native Americans.

Different identities have all been aggrieved in different ways that warrant different solutions. Ignoring identities for the sake of not playing identity politics ensure one never finds solutions.

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