School chancellor ridicules Trump on his threats coercing school districts to put families at risk

Donald Trump and his Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have been threatening schools to coerce them into fully opening. New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza's response ridiculed Trump.

NYC Schools Chancellor ridicules Trump

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This is how one deals with an incompetent derelict president. When asked about the president and his Secretary of Education threatening some funding in an attempt to coerce school districts into onsite school attendance, NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza ridiculed the president making him look like an uneducated mean person living in an alternate reality.

Carranza first identifies the president as one who does not understand how government works.

“I was a social studies teacher,” Chancellor Carranza said. “I wish he would have taken my government class because he doesn't have the authority to pull funding.”

He then made it clear that just the thought makes the president a mean 7 heartless person.

“You know the federal funding that comes to us,” Carranza continued. “The majority is to serve students in poverty. We call that title one and students with disabilities. That's the IDEA Act. So the most vulnerable of our students; and in New York City 80% of our students qualify in those categories. So the most vulnerable of our students that have been even more traumatized through the COVID-19 crisis. Is the president really really saying he wants to further traumatize those students and take funding away from them?”

Carranza then goes for the ridicule.

“Look, we are basing our decisions by when to come back on science,” Carranza said. “He's basing his decisions on science fiction we're going to stick with science.”

The New York City Schools' Chancellor hits the nail on the head. More administrators need to speak up in this form.

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