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SC-Sen: Watch Fox News Cut Off Lindsey Graham (R) In The Middle Of Begging For Money

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Even Fox News is getting sick of this shit:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has been using his airtime on Fox News to appeal for more money from viewers. But it seems the right-wing network may have had enough.
Graham, who is locked in a tight race against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, begged for cash twice during Laura Ingraham’s show on Tuesday. The second time, the network cut him off mid-plea:


His regular appeals on Fox News have worked: Graham raised $28 million in the third quarter, a record for a Republican Senate candidate. However, that’s less than half the record $57 million raised by Harrison over that same period, something Graham hasn’t been shy about mentioning during his increasingly desperate appeals on Fox News.

This was Graham’s only source of help because The Daily Beast points out that Trump has not been helping out Graham at all:

Indeed, Trump himself has not visited South Carolina to support his erstwhile ally, and likely will not before the Nov. 3 election, when Graham faces Democrat Jaime Harrison. A former chair of the state’s Democratic Party, Harrison entered the race a long shot but has turned the Senate contest into a toss-up race, after raising a record $100 million sum for his campaign from a national liberal base that detests Graham.

On one level, Trump’s absence from South Carolina may seem unusual. Graham not only votes with Trump but golfs with Trump, and he has been perhaps his most visible defender in the Senate, where he’s frequently asked by reporters for special insights into the president’s various plans and moods. And the president has traveled across the country to stump for Senate candidates who are far less close to him than Graham.

But Trump is facing a tough election, too, and far longer odds to win than Graham—meaning his time is better spent not in reliably red South Carolina but in battleground states such as Iowa, North Carolina, and Michigan that he must win in order to get a second term. And despite Graham’s closeness with Trump, some say that the senator may not want to deal with a presidential visit and all the political connotations that come with it.

That’s because Graham is looking more and more like a loser:


A new poll shows Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham tied against his Democratic challenger Jamie Harrison.

The poll comes just weeks after Graham refused to take a COVID-19 at Harrison's request before their second debate. The two ended up holding separate televised interviews instead of debating one another.

The progressive think tank, Data for Progress, polled 1,196 likely voters in South Carolina using text messaging and web panel respondents, asking each who they would vote for if the election were held tomorrow.

And Harrison has been a stellar candidate:

A youthful 44, he’s an African American graduate of Yale and Georgetown University Law Center — a husband and father who has everything going for him, including an up-from-nothing story. He grew up in a trailer and is running for the U.S. Senate. “Only in America,” as he puts it.
Thanks to record-breaking fundraising to the tune of $57 million in the third quarter alone, Harrison has become a serious challenger to the incumbent. Although the most recent major poll has Graham about six points ahead, the race has polled dead-even at times. In a state that rarely changes horses — Sen. Strom Thurmond served 48 years in the U.S. Senate — Harrison’s sudden surge from a relative unknown to the man who could bring down the three-term Graham is the stuff of legend.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. South Carolina is one of seven supposed toss-up states in the fight for Senate control. If Joe Biden wins the presidency and the Senate turns blue while Democrats retain a majority in the House, a hard-left trifecta would be unstoppable. Here’s just one stake: If the Senate remains a Republican majority, Graham is next in line to become chair of the Budget Committee; if things go blue, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self-declared democratic socialist, will hold the gavel.

And you know Graham is desperate because he never would’ve agreed to this:


Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and his Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison will take the debate stage one last time before Election Day on Friday after their debate, originally scheduled for last week, was canceled over Graham’s conflicting schedule on Capitol Hill.

Hosted by South Carolina ETV and Charleston’s Post and Courier, the final and third debate will air live at 7 p.m. Friday on ETV’s television network, on South Carolina Public Radio and stream on ETV’s website and social media platforms.

The high-stakes U.S. Senate race in South Carolina has drawn increased attention over the last few months as polls show a narrowing race between the third-term incumbent and Harrison, the former chairman of the S.C. Democratic Party.

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Let's keep up the momentum to flip South Carolina Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Harrison, Biden and their fellow South Carolina Democrats campaigns:

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