Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senate candidate, Jaime Harrison (D. SC), on behalf of the Voter Protection Project:

South Carolina is changing.

What was once a solid-red state is becoming an opening for Democrats where voter mobilization could make all the difference. The key to ousting Lindsey Graham is mobilizing voters in a way S.C. has never seen before.

South Carolina is home to over 400,000 unregistered eligible voters of color and my campaign is doing everything in our power to get them registered and to the polls this November.

That’s why I am asking you to chip in and split a donation between my campaign and Voter Protection Project today.

The Voter Protection Project has got it right. We ONLY have the chance to flip the Senate if we do the work to mobilize our grassroots base NOW!

My campaign is within striking distance of sending Lindsey packing and flipping one of the seats needed to take back the Senate.

We’re doing this by meeting voters where they are: online, on the phones, and with targeted ads on social media, but all of this takes resources.

We need you on our team. That’s why I’m hoping I can count on you to split a donation between my campaign and Voter Protection Project today!


With you by our side, we can put in place the historic operations we need to take back the Senate and take back our country.

In friendship,

Jaime Harrison

Click here to donate to Harrison’s campaign.

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