SC-Sen: Tom Steyer Keeps Up The Momentum To Help Jaime Harrison (D) Defeat Lindsey Graham (R)

Recieved this e-mail yesterday from former presidential candidate, businessman Tom Steyer (D. CA), in support of Jaime Harrison’s (D. SC) U.S. Senate campaign:

Jaime Harrison (D. SC)
South Carolinians are already living the consequences of the global climate crisis. Once-in-a-lifetime storms now happen annually. Sea levels rising, flooding, hurricanes, and drought-fueled wildfires put millions of people at risk and could cost billions of dollars. The environmental injustices are even more deeply felt — depriving low-income Black communities like Denmark, SC of clean water. South Carolinians need justice-centered climate action now.
That’s why I’m proud to endorse South Carolina U.S. Senate Candidate, Jaime Harrison. Jaime represents the best of South Carolina, and he will do what’s needed for his community and our planet. He knows we need to transition from a fossil fuel economy to a sustainable, equitable future. But it can’t happen without strong climate leaders as Senators, so I hope you’ll join me in supporting his campaign by donating today.

Our country is facing multiple crises — the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession; pervasive systemic injustice; and the ever-present threat of climate change. These crises are related. For every single one, too many leaders refuse to take urgent, necessary action because the privileged and greedy corporations profit while the most vulnerable communities suffer.

Jaime Harrison is a leader we need in the Senate to not only put our country back on track, but to make sure that we build a better future. Support his campaign by making a donation today.



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