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SC-Sen: PCCC Reminds Voters That Lindsey Graham (R) Called Trump A Race-Baiting, Xenophobic Bigot

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Received this e-mail today from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

Nobody has abandoned their values and become more of a Trump suck-up than South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham.

He plays a starring role in our new TV ad calling out national Republicans for being silent in the face of Trump's racism against The Squad.

We want to air our new ad in South Carolina this week, as Graham prepares his re-election campaign. Can you chip in $3 to help us shame Lindsey Graham in his home state? Click here.

Our TV ad made national news coverage when we launched it last week ion DC, Iowa, and Kentucky — and it was seen hundreds of thousands of times online!

It shows that, in 2015, Graham called Trump, “a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.” Tea Party voters back home deserve that reminder!

But now. Graham is silent. Voters deserve to see that too…because anyone who wants a senator that stands on principle deserve to know Lindsey Graham is not that senator.

Our ad makes that clear.

This follows Graham's silence as Trump attacks Graham's best friend, John McCain. And Graham's agreement with Trump on many positions Graham used to oppose.

As one of Graham's longtime colleagues said, “Lindsey Graham has lost his mind. It is beyond bizarre to me.”

With your help, we can air our new ad in 6 South Carolina TV markets this week so Lindsay Graham is shamed all across the state. Please chip in $3 or more here.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Adam Green, PCCC co-founder

Click here to donate to keep this add on the air.

Also, Civil Rights Hero, Rep. John Lewis (D. GA-05) is helping raise money for Graham’s opponent, Jaime Harrison (D. SC):

Rep. John Lewis (D. GA-05)

Folks, I'll be direct:

Can you donate $10 to elect the FIRST Black Democratic Senator in South Carolina and replace Senator Lindsey Graham? »


Now, let me explain why it’s so important to me that we work together to elect Jaime Harrison to the United States Senate. 

He’s DETERMINED to send Lindsey Graham, one of the most dangerous Republicans in the Senate, straight back home.

And if Jaime wins, then we can really take back the Senate for Democrats.

Under this administration, it’s easy to lose hope that our nation might ever again be led by people who simply want to work hard to improve the lives of others.

But one benefit of these troubled times is that they reveal who among us is willing to fight through the storm to create moments of progress amidst the chaos.

Jaime Harrison has never given up on that fight. Raised by a single mother in Orangeburg, South Carolina, he earned a scholarship to Yale and graduated from Georgetown Law to become the first African American to lead the South Carolina Democratic Party.

THIS is the kind of tenacity that will strengthen this nation for ALL Americans. Jaime Harrison is exactly the kind of leader I want standing with me in Congress. If you agree, help Jaime with a $10 donation right now →

Listen, I have worked too hard to bring this country out of the shadow of our troubled past to allow Republicans like Lindsey Graham to dismantle the progress we've made.

So I’m standing with Jaime Harrison, who knows first-hand that with hard work and the support of a community, NOTHING is impossible — including DEFEATING Lindsey Graham and taking back the Senate for Democrats.

We need to raise 500 more donations TODAY for Jaime’s campaign to help him start off strong. So I’m asking you: Give $10 or more right now to elect Democrat Jaime Harrison

Together, for progress.

Together, for Jaime.

John Lewis

Click here to donate to Harrison’s campaign.

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