Some good news today out for South Carolina courtesy of Data For Progress:


In South Carolina, Democrat Jaime Harrison, the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, is going up against incumbent Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. We find that Harrison has a one-percentage-point lead against Graham. In the last Data for Progress poll of the Palmetto State, Harrison trailed Graham by a point (44 percent Harrison, 45 percent Graham). As Harrison emerges with a narrow lead, and with six percent of the electorate indicating they are still undecided, the race is effectively a toss-up. This also puts Harrison running ahead of Biden by four points in this state.

By the way, Harrison has been hitting Graham hard on this:


Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison, who is Black, is calling out Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for referring to the Jim Crow era in the South as the “good old days of segregation,” a comment that appeared to be flippant but now is a likely campaign issue.

The comment drew a strong rebuke from Harrison, who is tied in most polls with Graham in the South Carolina Senate race.

“@LindseyGrahamSC just called segregation ‘the good old days.’ The good old days for who, Senator? it’s 2020, not 1920. Act like it,” Harrison tweeted along with an 11-second video clip of Graham’s comment.

While Graham is crying about this:

Poor Sen. Lindsey “the good old days of segregation” Graham (R-S.C.). He’s gone from begging for money on Fox News to openly complaining about his anemic reelection fundraising at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Can’t say that I blame him. If my Democratic opponent set a record by raising $57 million in the last quarter, I’d cry the blues, too.
“I don’t know what’s going on out there, but I can tell you there’s a lot of money been raised in this campaign,” Graham said in the leadup to a question about the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, which allowed unlimited corporate money to flood into politics. “I’d like to know where the hell some of it’s coming from.” The haul by Jaime Harrison, the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, is the most raised by a Senate candidate in U.S. history.

Graham has moaned that people outside the Palmetto State are funding Harrison’s campaign. His communications director told CNBC in July, “Jaime Harrison’s campaign is completely bankrolled by out-of-state liberals who hate Senator Graham.” That came as a surprise to Benjamin Edwards.

“Much of the money is coming from South Carolinians who cannot stand what Lindsey Graham has become,” Edwards told me. “I once volunteered to support Sen. Graham and admired him. Now, I’m donating to Jaime Harrison’s campaign.” Edwards teaches law at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and he went to college with the son of Miss Sylvia, whose voting plan I wrote about in August.

By the way, winning Graham’s seat would be poetic justice:

Harrison would be the first Black Democrat to be elected to the Senate from the Deep South. The only Black Republican in the Senate, Tim Scott, is also from South Carolina. So South Carolina — where about 40 percent of the enslaved Africans brought to North America arrived, where the Civil War began and where a 21-year-old white supremacist named Dylann Roof killed nine Black churchgoers in their house of worship in 2015 — would have two Black senators and would be the only state with an all-Black Senate delegation.

How’s that for an answer to Trump’s racism and for a stirringly inspirational turning of the page?

Harrison noted that the Senate seat that he is seeking was once held by John C. Calhoun, an infamous defender of slavery. “This was the seat of Benjamin Tillman, who would go to the floor and talk about the joys of lynching,” he added. “This was the seat of Strom Thurmond,” who took a leading role in opposing civil rights legislation.

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