Received this e-mail today from Jaime Harrison’s (D. SC) U.S. Senate campaign:


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that this November’s election is critical for the future of our country. But in the face of COVID-19, we must make sure that everyone has access to the ballot box — without putting their health at risk.

Without the option to vote by mail, many Americans will be forced to make a choice between their health and casting their ballot.

That’s why our campaign is teaming up with Democratic organizations, legislators, and campaigns from across the country to tell Congress: Implement vote-by-mail for all Americans!

We need 100,000 signatures on this petition to send it to Congress. I hope you’ll join us and add your name to ask Congress to do what’s necessary to protect our health and our elections.

With your help, we can make sure November’s election is safe for all Americans.


Team Jaime

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