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SC-Sen: Jaime Harrison (D) Keeps Up The Pressure On Congress To Investigate Brett Kavanaugh

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Received this e-mail from Jaime Harrison’s (D. SC) U.S. Senate campaign:

Jaime Harrison (D. SC)

Lindsey Graham made a mockery of the United States Senate when he shielded Brett Kavanaugh from legitimate questions about his background.

Lindsey doesn’t care about investigating Kavanaugh. He only cares about handing out lifetime appointments to right-wing judges.

Jaime Harrison knows that the American People deserve to know whether or not Lindsey put a serial sexual abuser on the Supreme Court.

If you agree, sign your name and DEMAND a Congressional investigation into Brett Kavanaugh →

All Supreme Court justices should be held to the highest moral and ethical standards.

But now we know of over a dozen eyewitnesses who the FBI never spoke to while Lindsey Graham was leading the fight to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

Since Lindsey REFUSED to do his job, Congress needs to open a new investigation immediately so we can find the truth once and for all.

Please: Submit your signature below to DEMAND Congress investigate Brett Kavanaugh →

Thanks for standing up for what’s right,

— Team Jaime

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