SC-Sen: Jaime Harrison (D) Continues To Outraise Lindsey Graham (R) Going Into The General Election

Here’s some encouraging news out of South Carolina:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jaime Harrison raised $10.6 million during the month of August in his bid to unseat three-term Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham, according to his campaign.

The amount is more than what Graham raised during the second quarter of this year. Graham brought in $8.4 million in April, May and June combined.

Graham’s campaign has not released its fundraising totals for August, figures that are not due for reporting until mid-October.

It’s clear that Harrison’s message that Graham isn’t the same person he was years ago is resonating:


“I like to say there’s Lindsey Graham 1.0, and now I’m running against Lindsey Graham 2.0,” Harrison told Axios while discussing polls that show a tight race in the state. Graham has cruised to reelection in previous races.

“The old Lindsey Graham I thought did a fairly good job. This new Lindsey Graham is MIA,” Harrison added.

Lindsay Graham 2.0,” he said, arose “right around the passing of [Sen.] John McCain,” a close friend of Graham’s. “The old Lindsey Graham finally went away and this new Lindsey Graham emerged.”

And that he wants to usher in a chapter in the South:

What he's saying: “Lindsey Graham, a man who I used to have tremendous respect for, he's changed. He's not the same person,” Harrison told “Axios on HBO.”

  • “I'm running against a guy who cares more about his own political relevance and his political power than he does addressing the issues that people are dealing with here on a day-to-day basis.”
  • Harrison said if elected, he hopes to usher in a new era for the South. “We are about to close the chapter on the old South and start a whole brand new book that I call the new South,” he said. “A new South that is bold, that is inclusive, that is diverse.”
  • He pointed to his recently released “Rural Hope Agenda” as a way to achieve that vision through policy, touching on things like education, infrastructure and broadband access for rural Americans.

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  • September 4, 2020