Received this e-mail today from former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D. CA) on behalf of group, PAC For A Change:

Lindsey Graham used to have a soul, and now he’s sold it.

That’s what I told you a couple of months ago, when we announced our ad campaign attacking Sen. Graham for flip-flopping on his support for President Trump and refusing to hold him accountable.

It looks like he didn’t appreciate it and is now trying to raise money to save his fledging campaign by crying to extremist friends about being called a flip-flopper.



I have two things to say about this email:

1. Everything I said is true, and he deserves to be called out.

2. It’s working.

A poll conducted last week shows that Graham is TIED with his Democratic opponent, Jamie Harrison. This tells us that South Carolinians realize that Graham is just not trustworthy and has major character flaws. It also tells us we need to keep our momentum going.

Our strategy is working, but we need your help to build on our earlier success.

Make a contribution TODAY and help us flip Lindsey Graham out of office in 2020.

In friendship,

Barbara Boxer

Click here to donate Boxer’s efforts to get rid of Graham.

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