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SC-Sen: DFA Keeps Up The Momentum For Jaime Harrison (D) To Unseat Jackass Lindsey Graham (R)

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America in support of Jaime Harrison’s (D. SC) U.S. Senate campaign:

This month, Democrats did the unthinkable and won gubernatorial races in two deep red states: Kentucky and Louisiana.

Not only are these states traditionally thought to be easy wins for Republicans, but they’re places Donald Trump held rallies and campaigned in just days before their elections, proving even folks in the South are rejecting the extreme conservatism of Trump Republicans.

These momentous victories happened in an ‘off-year’ — think about what we can achieve next year during the 2020 presidential election: we CAN Flip the Senate, and that includes kicking Senator Lindsey Graham out and electing Democrat Jaime Harrison in his place.

Jaime is certainly an underdog in this critical Senate race, with Graham being a powerful Republican incumbent backed by Republican mega-donors and dark money groups.

Help give Jaime and DFA the resources we’ll need to mobilize voters and do the unthinkable once again in South Carolina in November 2020: pitch in $5 or more now!

While Graham continues to sell out the people of South Carolina and the United States by relentlessly defending Trump’s corrupt and unconstitutional behavior, Jaime is ready to get to work fighting for affordable healthcare, good jobs, and solutions to lift our communities up.

If the elections this month taught us anything, it’s this: don’t count out the South. Let’s do everything in our power to send Graham packing and elect Jaime to the Senate next year.



Yvette Simpson, CEO
Democracy for America

Click here to donate to Harrison’s campaign.