SC-Sen: DFA Keeps Up The Momentum For Jaime Harrison (D) To Kick Lindsey Graham's (R) Spineless Ass

Received this e-mail from Democracy for America in support of Jaime Harrison’s (D. SC) U.S. Senate campaign:

Lindsey Graham is the most spineless politician that we’ve ever seen.

Graham ignores everyday families in favor of his special interest-backers. He along with the rest of the puppets in the GOP have issued Trump a free pass to wreak havoc on people across this country. And even worse, Graham is proud of it.

But we have good news: the experts are saying DFA-endorsed candidate Jaime Harrison is in position to win this Senate seat. That means Jamie is our only chance to kick Lindsey Graham out of office and stop the Republicans’ dangerous agenda.

McConnell and his buddies will not give up their majority easy — a pro-Lindsey Graham Super PAC has already started spreading lies about Jaime to voters in South Carolina.

We mustn’t let the GOP get away with their attacks on Jaime in an effort to tilt this race in Graham’s favor!

Taking back the Senate could come down to this race and what we do right now. Rush a split donation of $5 or more to flip South Carolina blue and send Lindsey Graham packing.

This is going to be a tough race. Lindsey Graham has the entire Repubilcan establishment behind him ready to defend his every move. But if enough of us step up to send Jaime the resources he needs, we can put Jamie Harrison over the top.

Thank you for taking action today,


Mondale Robinson, Political Director
Democracy for America

Click here to donate to Harrison’s campaign.

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