SC-Sen: Data For Progress Poll Confirms That Jaime Harrison (D) & Lindsey Graham (R) Are Tied

Here’s the latest news today out of South Carolina:





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This is the second poll this week we are seeing a statistical tied race between Graham and Harrison. Looks like that begging on Fox News for help hasn’t worked for Graham. Charles P. Pierce at Esquire points out that Graham is now resorting back to beating a dead horse:

And what was Graham doing on Wednesday when this bad news was being delivered? He was bullyragging James Comey in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Graham chairs. From The Washington Post:

Testifying before the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee as part of that panel’s latest review of the Russia probe, Comey repeatedly told GOP lawmakers he disagreed with the “preamble” to their questions and expressed unfamiliarity with recently released information that they claim discredits the investigation.He grew particularly exasperated when asked about Barr’s criticism that the FBI’s decision to open the investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign was based on insufficient evidence, saying he had “no idea what on earth” the attorney general was talking about.

“This was an investigation that was appropriately predicated and that had to be opened, and it was in the main, conducted in the right way,” he said, noting the investigation had produced charges against dozens of people. “The notion that the attorney general believes that was an illegitimate endeavor to investigate mystifies me.” Later in the hearing, Comey suggested Barr was acting as if he were Trump’s “personal lawyer,” adding, “It ought to be a concern for all of us, because we need that institution, and we need that institution to be seen as separate from our tribal warfare.”

And here comes the cavalierly:

The Senate Leadership Fund, a Republican super PAC, plans to spend $10 million over in South Carolina, hoping to boost Sen. Lindsey Graham's re-election campaign as the race has tightened considerably, McClatchy reports.

Why it matters: The campaign has become unexpectedly competitive due to the massive financial advantage from Graham's Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison. Harrison was once thought to be a long shot against Graham in the typically Republican state, but the two are now tied 48%-48% according to a recent Quinnipiac poll.

The state of play: Harrison's fundraising has surged through small-dollar online donations, and now a Democratic super PAC is dropping an additional $6.5 million. McClatchy's report said Harrison’s campaign had reserved more than $15 million in ads in October and November, according to a GOP source tracking the ad data, compared with just over $6 million in reservations for Graham and his Republican allies.”

Let’s keep up the momentum to get rid of Graham once and for all. Click below to donate and get involved with Harrison, Biden and their fellow South Carolina Democrats campaigns:

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  • October 1, 2020