Saved by the ACA, Klobuchar slams Trump, WH Superspreader refuses mask, delusional voter

PDR supporter Paul Fleming becomes our subject today discussing how ACA. Klobuchar slammed Trump in her way. Trump enabling continues.

Amy Klobuchar had the message of the day.


  • Trump’s chief of staff and enabler Mark Meadows shows a disregard for everyone as he abandons an interview instead of wearing a mask.
  • Amy Klobuchar: This isn’t Trump’s country or Judge. It is Yours. But we have a secret weapon.
  • Since this Democrat, Sri Kulkarni won’t defend himself from Republican Troy Nehls as he hurts his constituents, I will.
  • UNBELIEVABLE- Delusional voter supporting Trump because of the great economy. Media fail
  • Paul Fleming tells his Affordable Care Act story.

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  • October 12, 2020