Saturday Trump presser: lots of petards on the path to the bunker, will someone be hoist by them


Trump: “If stupid people aren’t elected, next year, we’re going to have one of the greatest years that we’ve ever had.”

Trump will likely flee at the first suggestion that he’s lying again. Bigger/bigly question is whether CNN, MSNBC, or CSpan will cover it live. Live blog below.

Date: August 15, 2020 at 1:11:13 PM EDT
Subject: WH travel pool report #1: 5pm ET press conference

Good afternoon from Bridgewater, New Jersey.

As you may have seen the president is holding a press conference tonight at 5pm at his Bedminster golf club.

Afterward, he’ll hold a roundtable with supporters at 5:35 pm, which is closed to press. Your pooler has asked the campaign for more details on this event.

If it’s from his members-only golf course, it’s a rally not a press conference.

President Trump: “We are going to have an election that takes place on a beautiful day, November 3 — And usually at the end of the evening they say Donald Trump has won the election. Donald Trump is your new president.”

Trump too stupid to pick up on the prompt


Closing Netroots Nation keynote:


This political moment is bigger than winning elections or even enacting progressive policies. The bigger picture—our end goal—is to create a movement and a society that is equitable and just for all. To achieve our goals, we must dismantle white supremacy and the systems that perpetuate injustice. What does it take to break down systems of oppression that have existed for centuries? What roles can each of us play to support the work of those on the frontlines of injustice?

Join us at 5pm Eastern and hear from Reps. Ilhan Omar and Ayanna PressleyAlicia Garza, Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson, NDN Collective’s Nick Tilsen, immigration activists Alejandro Fuentes-Mena and Zenen Jaimes Perez, and Community Change’s Dorian Warren.

This keynote happens today at 5pm Eastern on Facebook or on YouTube (English and Spanish captioning provided) via
It begins

“Hail to the Chief”

Trump boilerplate reading, more bogus claims about COVID, including testing. Trump playing to his country club buds. more Trump BS on retail sales and auto sales — used car sales, how so very Nixonian. “A lot of great things are happening”

More China bashing blame for virus yet compliment their corn buying gets giggle from crowd when mentioning Biden. Claims Dems will quadruple taxes MSNBC cuts away.

Trump goes bafflegab on manufacturing. Gushes over football QB at Clemson does ad lib trashes Big 10 and Pac 12 then veers to flag/anthem standing, it’s a campaign rally…

Trump tries to link swing states and college football central casting coaches (LSU coach) trump is doing this to play to his buddies in the room


Q: Iran sanctions?

Trump goes blah-blah Iran can’t afford terror, mentions seizure of Iran tankers

Q: postal service not able to deliver ballots on time?

Trump punts repeats usual malarkey on absentee versus mail-in, goes conspiracy theory — it’s a campaign rally now connects ballots to Portland street protests Blames Democrats

Q: extending results election voting?

Trump repeats same malarkey conflates “tests” with “ballots”

Q: is USPS director creating the delays?

Trump punts, blames Dems, uses New Jersey as example (will the claque boo?) veers to Nevada

Q: follow-up continues on USPS funding

Trump goes blah-blah makes claim of Dems’ trillion dollar welfare

Q: Edwards Snowden pardon?

Trump punts “some people” blah-blah

Q: quoting Robert Redfield CDC on seriousness of pandemic?

WTF says “1917” again blah-blah

Q: tech companies like TikTok?

Trump mentions Huawei

Q: mail-sorting machines being deactivated?

Trump punts “you’ll have to ask him”

Q: Kamala Harris’s eligibility?

I know nothing about it “Don’t tell me what I know” I read one article (Eastman article) refuses to say he (dis)believes it.

Q: why aren’t you negotiating with Dems personally?

Trump punts

Q: differences with SecDef Esper? cabinet turnover?

“I consider firing everybody”

trump goes blah-blah about “silent majority” appeals to claque

goes to mentioning boats, usual campaign talking points, more lies

Trump flees, they play a Souza exit. 30 minutes of nonsense

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