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Sarcasm never works when you rely on repeated misnomer and then lie about it


“He appears to have mixed up Pulitzer prizes with the Nobel prize, which he spelled incorrectly four times.”





Apparently Trump’s threat was first made a year ago, and today’s tweet isn’t the first time he’s confused the Nobel Prize with the Pulitzer Prize.

Donald Trump has threatened to strip reporters of “Noble prizes” and sue media outlets over their reporting that confirmed Russian interference in US elections and within the president's 2016 campaign.

In a furious, misspelled Twitter rant on Sunday, the president lashed out at The New York Times over what he called a “phony story” about his daily routine. The Times story claimed the president often doesn't arrive in the Oval Office until noon, after spending mornings watching Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.


The outburst comes after the president has stepped back from hosting White House coronavirus press briefings following criticism for suggesting that Americans could inject disinfectant to ward off coronavirus.…