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Sam Seder had the best response to the latest Biden black-folk gaffe

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I heard poor and superficial spinning on Joe Biden’s gaffe with Charlamagne Tha God on “The Breakfast Club” all day. I mostly remained unengaged on the issue until I was pleasantly surprised that Sam Seder, host of The Majority Report, took the appropriate and substantive take on what was actually missing from the context of the exchange.

Sam Seder gets the Pundit Award on this one

Watch the full episodes here.

Race issues are real and complex and cannot be solved in a few election cycles. Hell, Biden has been in office for scores and still shows that while he is willing to shepherd policies beneficial to distinct communities through Congress, it has done little to change his heart. His gaffes are probative.

Congressman James Clyburn used his prestige to give Biden an assist with the black community knowing all its implications. Concentrating then on Biden’s proclivity to racial and other kinds of gaffes is counterproductive.

Sam Seder observed the most important aspect of the conversation between Charlamagne Tha God and Joe Biden. ‘What will you do for our community’ was the implication of his question. Biden’s answer was in effect, ‘look at what I’ve done in the past’, notwithstanding that some of that past was very damaging to the community even if supported by the CBC.

Unfortunately, the answers that the black community needs economically has not yet been articulated in Biden’s policies in any substantive manner as it was with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. As such there was no immediate forward-looking answer.

If Biden is to win he will need to clean that up sooner than later. His black-folk gaffe will only bother a few of the black punditry, talking heads, and a few others, and not the rank & file who has little expectation of Biden other than the perceived belief that he is necessary to get the evil child president out of office.

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