Saint Patrick With the Help of The Ditch Mitch Fund Wants to Draft Irish Woman Amy McGrath.

Actually, I’m not sure how Irish Amy McGrath is — her surname is Irish, but I missed this nugget of news that The Ditch Mitch Fund is trying to draft her to run against Senator Mitch McConnell in 2016.

A liberal-leaning advocacy organization is launching an online campaign to recruit Democrat Amy McGrath to run against U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2020.

The Ditch Mitch Fund, a political action group, announced Monday it is creating a “Draft Amy” website to inspire the former Marine to enter next year's contest.

This comes weeks after reports surfaced that McGrath, who lost her Kentucky congressional bid last fall, is being courted by top Democrats including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, to run against Kentucky's top Republican.

I did not know that Schumer was talking to McGrath.  At least that is one good that Schumer is doing.  God/Saint Patrick/Jehovah/Allah/Buddha/The Great Spirit knows that Democrats in Kentucky desperately need help and encouragement.  I will take help from out of state to get Kentucky Democrats back in the game.

And if you don’t believe in a higher power, how about entropy wrecking havok with McConnell?  I don’t think I can be flagged for entropy making McConnell’s life miserable.

But I digress.

McGrath is sending some signals that she is not going to just sit quietly since her failed attempt to take out Congressman Andy Barr in 2018.  She is giving Mitch some deserved criticism:

Since then she has posted pointed criticisms on social media aimed at McConnell. When the GOP leader said he wasn't allowing a vote on a House Democratic proposal aimed at reforming U.S. elections, including a provision that would make Election Day a federal holiday, McGrath called out the senator.

“He doesn’t want to vote on something smart that could help more Americans exercise their right to vote and begin to get excessive special interest money out of politics,” she said in a March 10 tweet. “Why? Very simple — he benefits from a more corrupt and less voter friendly system, always has.”

And as pointed out by Lawrence O’Donnell, Mitch McConnell is one of the most unpopular senators:

Ditch Mitch Fund points to a recent survey that it paid Public Policy Polling to conduct, which shows 33 percent of 748 registered voters in Kentucky said they did not approve of McConnell's job performance. The poll also found 61 percent of those voters think it’s “time for someone new” to take the seat. It had margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.

Similar polls showed McConnell's high disapproval ratings. McConnell is expected to use his relationship with President Donald Trump — who remains popular in Kentucky — as an asset for re-election.

And I have my own theory as to why McGrath came close but did not defeat Barr in 2018.  McGrath had to build up her own GOTV effort in an area that has been neglected for years and years by Democrats.  It is one of the greatest problems for state Democrats.  We have no GOTV machine statewide.  And I do not think McGrath had enough time to build up a large enough GOTV machine for herself in the 6th District.

Anyway, I thought it was some good news to share, considering how much of an Eeyore I am on Kentucky politics.