To be a fly on the wall on Air Force one tonight.  We already had the lies tonight about the Trump Coronavirus Fest in Tulsa from Trump and his campaign.  The turn out for the adoration for the great god was a bust because of those vile protesters and the the enemy of mankind the media.  But Trump will stew on this humiliation tonight and go on a Twitter Rampage tomorrow.  Given that Trump is a patholigical liar and has animal cunning when it comes to distracting the media, I will make some safe beats about some of the lies and moves Trump will do tomorrow and in the following days:

  • It was FAKE NEWS about the rally being a bust!  There was a 100,000 people at least in attendence!
  • Those 1 million ticket holders are just saving their powder for future rallies!
  • The media was editing the video to make it appear that the BOK Center was not completely full!  The size of crowds can be manipulated by the media like with different camera angles!  I here they do stuff like that in porno films!  Or maybe I heard that from Stormy Daniels?
  • Something, something, racist insert here in Tweet.  I’m going to guess something like “The police were justified in killing black men like George Floyd because they were resisting arrest.”  Then to finish off, “ALL LIVES MATTER!” to once again insult the whole political movement to stop violence by the police against black men.
  • If the racist Tweet does not distract the media, Trump will try several other distractions with outrageous Tweets.  The goal here is to get the media to focus on the latest outrage and not the pathetic Trump rally in Tulsa.  Another guess is to get Attorney General Barr to announce an investigation into Joe Biden or any of his family.  There does not have to be anything to it.  The point is to distract once again.

If Trump is successful in having the media go down another Trump rabbit hole, the real work begins.  Trump will not fire Brad Parscale immediately.  For one, he doensn’t like to fire people in person.  But Trump knows if he fires Parscale tomorrow that it will be an admission that the Tulsa Rally was a bust.  I say Trump waits until Friday at night to fire Parscale.

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

And Trump does know that the Tulsa rally suuuuuuuccccckkkkkeeed.  As in insight into Trump’s head, I give you John Heilemann:



— John Heilemann (@jheil) June 21, 2020

Now, the “I’m fucked” part is music to our ears.  Whether or not Trump believes that his term in office is done, or he simply doesn’t have the — cough, cough — “heart into running for reelection” that Maggie Haberman claims is immaterial.  As election day arrives, I bet Trump will be in a panic because a loss will mean possibly prison and the dread capital L burned into his forehead.  And while Trump is a lazy man, he will find the energy to try and save himself in the end.

Oh, and to make matters worse, Rick Wilson of Lincoln Project fame has this up on his Twitter Account:

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) June 21, 2020

Another local reporters estimated only 7,000 at the rally.  If this holds true, it truly is an unmitigated disaster of a political rally.  This was in deeply red OK.  A place that people used to joke when you cross the border, turn your clock back 50 years.

Anyway, get ready for bulldozer quantities of bullshit to be dumped online from Trump in the hopes that the media will find a pony in their somewhere.  Meanwhile, Trump will keep fucking things up i the real world.  Lots of dead people to count by election time.

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