Other than a rhetorical diversion into the use of “lynching”, Lindsey Graham is one of a few Senate Republicans unencumbered by the possibility of sitting as an impeachment juror.

RWNJ pundits have taken to attacking Graham to fill the space of media reaction and in the absence of many Trump defenders in the Senate. Other diversionary targets will be sought in the coming days, like John Brennan, but the chaos presidency seems destined to favor chaotic defenders.

“It’s amazing that people are attacking Senate Rs,” texted one top Senate GOP aide. “The White House has literally no pushback to what the House is doing. No war room, nothing.”

With little counter programming being planned currently by Senate Republicans, much of the White House’s focus has drifted to other investigations that could shift the focus away from Trump. In particular, there is hope that a Department of Justice probe into the origins of the 2016 investigation into Trump and Russian electoral interference could turn up findings problematic for several prominent Democrats, chief among them Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan.


But not everyone in Trump’s orbit is willing to wait patiently for Durham’s findings. Indeed, some of Trump’s favorite media sycophants have begun letting it be known that they expect more from the president’s reliable fellow travelers on the Hill.

“Think about this, nothing is happening in the U.S. Senate…nothing!” Lou Dobbs, a Fox Business host and a top informal Trump adviser, said on his show Monday evening. As it were, Dobbs was talking to (Tom) Fitton at the time. “For nine months, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee [Lindsey Graham] has not lifted a finger to help this president. He blathers little soundbites one side or another for or against the president every week, it seems, but has done nothing for the American people or truth, justice, and the American way.”

“He is an embarrassment to the government of this country and its traditions,” Dobbs added for good measure.

Tucker Carlson, another pro-Trump Fox personality who has privately advised the president on foreign policy, also took aim at Graham on Monday night. Speaking with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Carlson grumbled that Graham wasn’t upholding his promise to get to the bottom of whether or not “top DOJ officials plotted a bureaucratic coup to overthrow the elected president.”

Paul, one of the president’s most vocal defenders on Capitol Hill these days, suggested that Graham and other Republican senators were more loyal to the so-called Deep State than to Trump, adding that the South Carolina senator may want the Deep State to “maintain their power and maintain the intelligence community’s enormous grip.”



Trump Shakedown and Coverup by acohnthehill on Scribd

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