More monkey business. One hopes the USIC is working hard on protecting the 2020 election, especially from unnamed other malign actors.

Forgeries, interference, and attacks on Kremlin critics across six years and 300 sites and platforms.

Secondary Infektion is a series of operations run by a large-scale, persistent threat actor from Russia that worked in parallel to the Internet Research Agency and the GRU but was systematically different in its approach.

The campaign used fake accounts and forged documents to sow conflict between Western countries and most often targeted Ukraine. It produced at least 2,500 pieces of content in seven languages across over 300 platforms from 2014 into 2020


Social media research group Graphika published today a 120-page report [PDF] unmasking a new Russian information operation of which very little has been known so far.

Codenamed Secondary Infektion, the group is different from the Internet Research Agency (IRA), the Sankt Petersburg company (troll farm) that has interfered in the US 2016 presidential election.

Graphika says this new and separate group has been operating since 2014 and has been relying on fake news articles, fake leaks, and forged documents to generate political scandals in countries across Europe and North America.

The research team says it  first learned of the group from reports published by Reddit and Facebook last year, along with previous research done by the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab.

Graphika says that based on previous research, they've now tracked down more than 2,500 pieces of content the Secondary group Infektion has posted online since early 2014.…



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Just in time for the election.


Unrelated but fascinating:



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