Russian state media: Trump 'seems to be an unbalanced person'

Oh, how the mighty stupid have fallen.

Two short months ago, the entire UN General Assembly, more or less, openly laughed at Donald Trump when he tried out one of his feckless boasts with someone other than Brian Kilmeade.

Well, now it’s Russian state media’s turn to get in on the action. And since Russian state media members won’t so much as pee on a hotel mattress without Vladimir Putin’s say-so, this looks pretty grim for Donny Treason.

Writing in The Daily Beast, Julia Davis, an expert on Russian propaganda who regularly monitors the country’s newspapers and broadcasts, noted that Russian state media appears to have soured on our tin-plated dick.

Following the abrupt cancellation of Donald Trump’s G20 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian state media roasted him. Known for seamlessly adhering to the Kremlin’s viewpoint, the troupe of Putin’s cheerleaders took turns laying into the president of the United States.

In an opinion piece for the Russian publication “Arguments and Facts,” Veronika Krasheninnikova, “Director General of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies & Initiatives, Advisor to the Director General of ‘Russia Today’ and a member of the Kremlin-appointed Russian Public Chamber,” says that in light of the canceled meeting, Russia can now give up on the U.S. and “should have never trusted Trump to begin with.”’

Join the club, Veronika Krasheninnikova of the General Institute for Foreign Policy Studies & Initiatives.

Oh, but she wasn’t alone:

Host of the Russian state TV show “60 Minutes,” Evgeny Popov, angrily criticized Trump’s abrupt cancellation: “Just a few minutes earlier he said that now is a good time to meet… What kind of a man is this – first he says it will happen, then it won’t – are we just supposed to wait until he gets re-elected to start communicating with America? This is just foolishness, he seems to be an unbalanced person.”

“What kind of a man is this?” Where have we heard that one before? Is Russian media throwing Trump’s own petty barbs back at him?

This can’t be good for Trump. If Putin’s not on his side, what does he have? We know he can’t count on the prime minister of Montenegro to be his BFF. And as the old saying goes, if you’ve lost Veronika Krasheninnikova and Montenegro, all you have left is a couple of dim-bulb sons and the daughter you want to sleep with.

Trump Tower Moscow never even got built, but somehow it’s crashing down around TrumpWorld as we speak.


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