The knuckledraggers are at it again.   LOCK HER UP.   Where are the emails?   Let’s subpoena Hunter.  

This country is so divided and between the earthquakes, tornandoes in Nashville and coronavirus popping up all over, this is all the bums think about.

Today is Super Tuesday.   It is all about putting this puzzle together as best we can.  Trump has his enemies list and his loyalty oath I would bet is locked up in that secret server.  

Wash you hands equal to Go shopping.   Yes we need to wash our hands for many reasons but washing hands alone won’t stop this pandemic.   If we look at Bush’s thought pattern, which was great compared to this alien from some planet that hates earth, it is like, well we are OK.   Take anything he says and turn it around.   

He hates Hillary and Joe.  He hated Joe so much he allowed himself to get impeached.  

For all of you super Tuesday voters…. Good luck and remember, it is about the delegates and let’s watch for Kamala to endorse in Oakland, today but no matter who comes out of the primary, I still don’t trust Russia not to interfere.  So Russia, SCREW YOU and the orange haired man in the white house.   We have to put the pieces of the country back together.  It will take years and years and years just to get back to the year 2016.

There was a reason Amy, Beto, and Pete endorsed yesterday.   They know we are in serious trouble and Joe Biden is the one to put the fire out and piece us together again.  This is my opinion.   

 I have a feeling for some of us, this may be our last presidential election.  Those of us over 70.   We would like to see some peace and lack of chaos in this country before we check out.   

VOTE for the soul of the country.  Vote for our allies that have faded away.  Vote for the reinstatment of the rollbacks and Climate Change Paris agreement.   Some of the most progressive people on this site are voting Biden today.  Why is that?  Because we know, the fire is raging and we can’t redecorate until the fire is out.   We cannot do a damn thing with a divided country …it will fall.   We have to put the fire out before we drag in some new furnishings.   We have to unite.  Think about that today when you vote.   

The executive is one branch.  We need to take the senate and keep the congress.   

  • March 3, 2020