Rudy started tweeting because there’s some new press on him as well as a suggestion that criminal investigations continue.

It is an incredible thing to watch old men in obvious cognitive decline run around the highest levels of our politics, incriminating themselves almost constantly with, so far, zero consequences. The most outlandish example is Rudy Giuliani, who is working pro bono as a “lawyer” for the President of the United States. At first, it seemed like the Artist Formerly Known as America’s Mayor might have taken the job because he missed the bright lights. But recently we’ve learned Giuliani also has some alternative revenue streams. For instance, he was paid half a million bucks by the company run by one of his since-indicted henchmen in the Ukraine caper—a company that’s actually called “Fraud Guarantee.”

Giuliani is now the subject of an investigation by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, which he ought to know is not a good development, for his ratfucking activities on behalf of Donald Trump in Ukraine. And yet he has steadfastly refused to exercise his right to remain silent, maybe because his and his client’s strategy seems to be that if you say you did the shady stuff in public, it’s harder for the public to process it as shady. Or maybe he just has brain disease. After all, the indications are that he’s been getting high on his own supply, and really believes the conspiracy theories he’s peddling about a server in Ukraine. That’s one of the things, along with a company tied to the Bidens, that he and Trump were pressuring the Ukrainians to announce an “investigation” into when they got caught.

Report: Giuliani went to SF Apple Store to get iPhone unlocked after being named Trump cybersecurity adviser

  • October 31, 2019
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