Rudy Plot actually thickening with Ukrainian oligarchs Dimitri Firtash and Ihor Kolomoisky

Entanglements continue as Austria reopened the extradition case for Firtash in July 2019 as well as the hiring of lawyers associated with Trump/Giuliani.

… interviews with the two Ukrainian oligarchs — Dmitry Firtash and Ihor Kolomoisky — as well as with several other people with knowledge of Mr. Giuliani’s dealings, point to a new dimension in his exertions on behalf of his client, Mr. Trump. Taken together, they depict a strategy clearly aimed at leveraging information from politically powerful but legally vulnerable foreign citizens.…

Andrew Prokop has some questions about DoJ’s involvement or lack thereof.

On the 7/25 call, Trump not only repeatedly told Zelensky to call Bill Barr about investigations, he *specifically* told Zelensky to “do” something with Barr *about the Bidens.*

Getting to the bottom of whether this happened seems kinda important.

Now NYT reports that, as part of dirt-digging effort, Giuliani encouraged indicted Ukrainian oligarch Firtash to hire Trump-friendly lawyers diGenova and Toensing.
Deal reportedly: help with Biden dirt, in exchange for help with Firtash’s case before DOJ

DiGenova and Toensing then met with AG Barr about Firtash’s case, in August, shortly after Trump’s call with Zelensky .

One has to wonder: did Biden come up in this meeting?

Months ago, a DOJ official gave a rather careful statement to the NYT saying that Barr had not spoken with

(1) Ukraine’s government on any topic,

(2) Giuliani on “anything relating to Ukraine,” or

(3) Trump regarding Ukraine investigating the Bidens

Seems like it would be important for Democrats to get that denial from Barr under oath — as well as to ask him some follow-up questions on circumstances not covered by that language. 

DOJ is involved in the scandal in other ways as well.
Barr and top DOJ officials Jeffrey Rosen, John Demers, Steven Engel, and Brian Benczkowski were all involved in conversations over how to handle the whistleblower complaint.

Benczkowski took a meeting with Giuliani around this time, they say about a different case.

Benczkowski is also said to have made the decision to clear Trump with any campaign finance offense related to the Zelensky call.

Justice Department distances itself from Giuliani

Yet the House impeachment inquiry has called ZERO witnesses from DOJ.
Unless I’m missing something, they didn’t even *ask* anyone from DOJ to give a deposition.
They appear to be studiously avoiding this angle of the scandal, and I find it very strange. 

Perhaps worth noting that oversight of DOJ resides with the House Judiciary Committee, which has not been involved in this phase of the inquiry (re: Ukraine)
Is this about turf? A decision to limit the inquiry’s focus? Or will Judiciary look into these questions eventually? 

Good questions about how the House judiciary might eventually get involved.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the case targeting Firtash was opened in 2014. He is suspected of bribery, being accused of paying US$18.5 million to Indian officials for mining titanium ore, which they then planned to sell in the United States. In the same year, at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, he was detained, but soon he was released from custody on a record EUR 125 million bail. If Firtash is found guilty in the United States, he is facing up to 50 years in prison and confiscation of all property.
Read more on UNIAN:


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