Rudy Giuliani makes even less sense when he's typing

Truth may not be truth, but gibberish is always gibberish.

Rudy Giuliani, whose public meltdown has been more glaring than a Raiders of the Lost Ark Nazi’s, is now weighing in on Let’s-endanger-our-national-security-by-stripping-away-security-clearances-from-former-CIA-directors-out-of-petty-spite-gate: 



Uh, Rudy, have hallucinogenic toads been swimming laps in your contact lens solution? Is that why your eyes look like that?

Seriously, punctuation is your friend. It’s what separates us from chimps who talk by pointing at pictures of fruit.

And after spending three full “sentences” eschewing punctuation of any kind, why did you decide to end your tweet with a superfluous question mark?

For God’s sake, you make Barry Zuckerkorn look like Atticus Finch.

Glad to see our pr*sident is in such capable hands.


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