Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on Fox & Friends the other day to workshop some stupid shit he wanted to say. Brian Kilmeade, who has long been Stupid Shit’s earthly avatar, was happy to oblige him.

So it seems people don’t want to work because they’re making more sitting on their asses at home. Couldn’t have anything to do with the deadly virus that sheds faster than molted Trump hide, obviously. Nah. It’s lazy people collecting unemployment. That must be it.

RUBIO: “A lot of people are having trouble rehiring workers, because the workers are saying to them, ‘I’m making more on unemployment.’ Not everybody; most people would prefer to have a job, obviously. But that’s an issue we’re hearing reports about.”

  1. Most people would rather be working than sitting at home desperately hoping for another season of Tiger King. That pretty much goes without saying.
  2. Maybe it’s a problem if unemployment benefits are more lucrative than people’s regular salaries. What does that tell you, Marco?
  3. For a lot of people, going back to work would literally mean risking their lives and the lives of their family members. But, yeah, let’s dredge up the old welfare queen myth. Republicans are completely out of answers, so they might as well play the classics. 

How much more obvious can Republicans make it that they care more about people’s contributions to the economy than they do about the people themselves? 

Get back to work, slaughterhouse drones! Donny needs him some McNuggets. Veggie nuggets simply won’t do. I mean, this is America. Pfft.

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