'Roughly a dozen' senators plotting to challenge consensus reality on January 6

We have reached peak absurdity, folks.

Two days ago we learned that at least 140 GOP House members had signed on to Donald Trump’s lifelong quest to quiet Fred Trump’s stentorian cries of “LOSER,” which have ping-ponged in POTUS’ head like a pair of droopy, zero-gravity Murdoch balls for the past 70 years or so.

And now the venerable upper chamber is getting in on The Beclowning. Because our country just sucks now, apparently.

(Farhi is a CBS News producer.)



— Arden Farhi (@ArdenFarhi) January 2, 2021


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Real profiles in courage here. 

Their plan is to, well, raise a feckless ruckus, like a passel of whiny school kids demanding Ho-Hos in lieu of hot lunch.

They know nothing will come of this. With the likely exception of Tommy Tuberville (and his House compatridiots Louie Gohmert and Mo Brooks), they also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden won this election fair and square. But they have to be seen “fighting” for Donald Trump and against the omnipresent dictates of Fred Trump, the asshole who prolapsed in circa 1946 to reveal a far more garish and diseased asshole.

That’s what this is about. One hundred and forty GOP congresspeople and about 12 senators will put on a crackpot kabuki show to soothe the ego owie of a wannabe fascist dictator. And make no mistake—that’s all this is about.

Can we refuse to seat these pricks? How much more obvious can it be that they don’t believe in America, and would smother it in its sleep given half a chance?

Is it any excuse that they know this Hail Mary has no chance of connecting? No, because they’re setting a precedent that will make future challenges like this far more likely, if not routine.


At long last, senators, have you left no sense of decency?

UPDATE: 11 GOP senators have already announced their treacherous plans.

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  • January 2, 2021