Ron Johnson and his 2019 Fourth of July visit to Russia has revealed that surprise, surprise, FAIL. Rather, he’s reinforced the actual Trump Impeachment investigation and instead affirmed that the “‘Hunterghazi’ tale has been widely debunked.”

In reality, Burisma was not even being investigated at the time, and the vice president was working to oust that Ukrainian prosecutor because the prosecutor himself was corrupt.
That was the actual Obama administration policy, and this goal was backed by international institutions precisely because they had a stake in a corruption-free Ukraine. GOP senators were briefed by Obama officials about this policy at the time, including about the conditioning of foreign aid, and had no objections to it.
Kent himself — that would be the Republicans’ own star witness — has now confirmed much of this, in testimony to the committee as part of the GOP’s own investigation.

Johnson has now released his long-awaited (by Trump, anyway) report on his investigation. One of its big revelations is supposed to be that George Kent, a top State Department official, testified that he “raised concerns” inside the Obama administration about appearances of conflicts of interest surrounding the business activities of the then-vice president’s son Hunter.

But, while that itself is true, there’s a big problem here: Kent also gave the committee testimony that completely undermines the larger narrative that Trump and Republicans have tried to spin into political gold for over a year.…

The big “reveal” from Ron Johnson is that George Kent testified to “concerns” about “appearances” of conflict.
But Kent's testimony to the committee itself completely blew up the central anti-Biden claim that Trump and Rs have avidly pursued for a year:…

This might be the funniest part. Buried in Ron Johnson's report is this:

“The extent to which Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board affected US policy toward Ukraine is not clear.”

They *admit* that they couldn't find evidence of their central claim!…




— Stephen Elpop (@ElpopGolf) September 23, 2020


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