Ron Johnson is easily the dumbest man in Washington whenever Louie Gohmert is off dry-humping the animatronic Eve at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. But he’s not dumb enough to think Donald Trump won reelection. Very few Republican politicians are that dumb — though the crass and cynical dishonesty is off the fucking charts these days.

A NeverTrump Republican from Wisconsin recently got on the horn with RoJo the Clown, America’s dumbest senator, and it’s safe to say that Johnson did not acquit himself well.

Former chair of the Brown County (Wisconsin) Republican Party Mark Becker, via The Bulwark:

The TL;DR of the call was this: Senator Johnson knows that Joe Biden won a free and fair election. He is refusing to admit it publicly and stoking conspiracies that undermine our democracy solely because it would be “political suicide” to oppose Trump. I find this unconscionable.

Unconscionable? You mean undermining our democracy in order to mollify an anthropomorphic IBS symptom? That’s unconscionable? Whatever you say, man.

I opened the conversation by remarking on my concern for the party. I reiterated that what the GOP is doing and the direction it is going are unsustainable. The GOP has become the party of Donald Trump, and Trumpism has become the doctrine upon which everything else is built; they are one and the same. Senator Johnson spoke about the massive amounts of people Donald Trump brought into the party, many of whom have never cared about politics before. He said that “yes, Donald Trump is an asshole,” but the votes that Trump received, especially in Wisconsin, cannot be overlooked. Senator Johnson talked about how, prior to November 3, Johnson received the highest number of Republican votes in the history of the state of Wisconsin. His goal going into his 2016 re-election was to get 1.5 million votes. He failed to reach that in 2016, while President Trump did in 2020, despite losing. (It did not seem to occur to Senator Johnson that President Trump motivated massive, greater turnout in opposition to him than he did in support.)

Yeah, he brought a lot of people into the party. And, as Becker notes, he repelled even greater numbers. But who’s counting? Oh, yeah. Election officials are. And they know what Johnson still won’t publicly acknowledge — Trump lost, and it wasn’t close.

Next we covered the election results. I said I was both frustrated and gravely concerned about how the GOP is continuing to advance disproved conspiracy theories regarding the integrity of the election. Senator Johnson said that he knew and accepted the fact that Joe Biden had won. I asked why he wouldn’t say so at a moment  when Trump was taking a sledgehammer to the very foundation of our democracy. Senator Johnson replied that the institutions of our democracy are strong enough to withstand what is going on. This response shocked me, since it suggested that the truth was ultimately unimportant and that Sen. Johnson viewed what the president was doing as someone else’s problem.

So Sen. Johnson is just fine with a passel of crazies threatening civil war and demanding new elections … with the majority of his party going down an insane rabbit hole that leads them to believe our democracy is irrevocably broken … with the uncertainty, gridlock, and violence this protracted temper tantrum is almost certain to engender.

That’s why he’s RoJo the Clown — and if stupid were his only problem, I’d feel a lot better right now.

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  • December 2, 2020