Ron DeSantis wants to spend $5,000 a pop to bring unvaxxed cops to Florida

I like this idea, Ron DeSantis! Collect all the unvaccinated cops you can find! Come to think of it, y’all should lure every last unvaxxed American to your state so the rest of us can get back to normal life.

We can rename Florida “The Pestilent Peninsula.” I mean, it’s already the syphilitic dick of the Western Hemisphere. (Or maybe that’s Donald Trump. No wonder he won the state. Hmm.)

Anyway, municipalities across the country are having trouble enforcing vaccine mandates among police officers, and on Sunday, Gov. Ron DeSantis joined Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo—whose sole redeeming quality is that she’s not Jeanine Pirro—on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the issue.

  • October 24, 2021