Saturday’s announcement by Gov. Mitt Romney that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is his new running mate wasn’t a complete surprise; it was well known he was on the short list for weeks. To casual observers, this is a good choice for Romney, as Ryan and he are said to get along well and share similar positions on important issues. Ryan is a first rate Tea Bagger, and will certainly bring out the Far Right to vote. Nevertheless, the selection of Ryan could prove to be a big mistake, as he has demonstrated poor judgment in his voting in the US House of Representatives many times. Coupled with Romney’s blunders, the GOP has created a weak presidential ticket.

The most glaring example of Rep. Ryan’s lack of judgment is his hypocritical voting record on deficit spending. Pushing forward proposed cuts to Medicare in his budget plan, Ryan has sought to starve out elders and poor people, to bring down the deficit. Yet he voted in favor for the causes of the ballooned deficit: the Iraq War, the unpaid for Medicare prescription plan, and unneeded tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. In a spending free-for-all during the Bush administration, Ryan showed himself to be more than willing to explode national debt, as long as the beneficiaries were the wealthy.

Another example of Ryan’s poor judgment, and Romney’s lack of vision in selecting him, is his stance on women’s health and choice. Proposing a frighteningly backwards law that gives rights to fetuses from conception, Ryan is severely lacking in his understanding of human sexuality. His “let women die” position on emergency abortions to save a mother’s life is abhorrent. His position on choice is extreme, and shows a stunning lack of compassion for women.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are also an unappealing pair when one considers foreign policy experience. They have none. Much of what our president does is handle diplomacy and command the military: both of these responsibilities require astute judgment. The Iraq War is the most recent example of what can happen when a president with poor judgment mans the helm. Catastrophic disaster. Ask Paul about it…after all, he voted to send us there.

Really, there are innumerable reasons this is a poor ticket. Romney’s business record and tax plan demonstrate his belief in the debunked Trickle Down Economics Theory. Ryan is right there with him, voting in favor of spending cuts to programs that help the poor to survive and the middle class to thrive, while favoring tax breaks for rich folk.

Now is the time for American voters to use their best judgment: cast a ballot for the administration that soft-landed an economic meltdown, resurrected the American automotive industry, reformed student loan debt, passed health care reform, ended the Iraq War…..well the list goes on and on. It’s incredible how much good thoughtful leadership can create; and it’s frightening how much harm can be done by men with poor judgment.