Received this e-mail from Rep. Katie Porter (D. CA-45) in support of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:


I don’t have time to beat around the bush, so I’ll get straight to the point: I need you to donate $5 to Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign right now. Will you contribute?

It was the honor of a lifetime to serve as a co-chair to my friend and mentor Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for the White House. I worked my heart out in the primary for Elizabeth. And now I’m going to work my heart out to elect Joe. Let me explain why.

Joe is championing many of the issues she focused her campaign on and we care so deeply about:

  • Joe endorsed Elizabeth’s bankruptcy reform proposal that would bring much-needed relief to students overwhelmed by loan debt.
  • Joe is calling for a Constitutional Amendment to entirely eliminate private dollars from our federal elections. That would end the control that wealthy donors have over our Democracy. He has fought against the undue influence of money in politics his entire career — even calling for entirely public funding elections as early as 1973.
  • Joe will always fight for us, because he knows us. Joe and I have both served in Congress as single parents of young kids, struggling to juggle all the needs to raise and support our children while leading on issues that will bring the progressive change we need.

But here’s the hard truth: The General Election is in jeopardy. President Trump is tied in a recent national poll: 42% – 42%. And critical states like Wisconsin are still a toss-up. Remember, even if Democrats win the popular vote, we need to win tough states like Wisconsin to prevent another Electoral College loss.

It’s going to take a lot of money for Joe to win this election. The primary was long and expensive — and his accounts are drained. He has to start from scratch, while Trump has spent three years building a war chest for the general election!

If you want a Democrat in the White House — a Democrat who will fight for progressive values — I need you to dig deep today.

Please donate $5 or more to Joe Biden right now. Together, we can beat Donald Trump, and yes, we can still bring big structural change to America. Donate now.

This trying time for our country has made crystal clear that elections matter and that we need a strong, honest, and compassionate leader in the White House. Donald Trump is not that person; we must defeat him in November.

So I’m asking you again. It’s critical that we come together as Americans to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden this November. Please be generous. Everything we are fighting for is at stake.

No donation is too small. Please do your part.

No regrets,

Rep. Katie Porter

P.S. I worked my heart out to put Elizabeth Warren in the White House, and now I’m going to work my heart out to elect Joe Biden. But this is going to be a tough election, and Joe needs every single one of us to do our part. I’m in this fight, are you? Please donate before you close this email.

Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

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