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Right-Wing Host about Trump: We're held hostage by a petulant bitter narcissistic and delusional man

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Charlie Sykes, a Right-Wing Republican radio host, was not kind to Donald Trump. One hopes more enablers revolt before it's too late.

Charlie Sykes defines Trump precisely

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Donald Trump, like a child, is pouting because he lost the election. It is as if he wants to cause pain to Americans for repudiating him.

Charlie Sykes gets it right. With a pandemic flourishing and our national security being at risk, what Trump is doing is criminal negligence.

America does not have the time to cater to a child-like president who needs to be coaxed to do the right thing to protect his ego and whatever is left of his mental stability. As Charlie said, we cannot be held hostage by a petulant bitter narcissistic, and delusional man.

It isn’t only the president. The blame must go to the president’s sycophants and enablers. After all, without their support, the president could fulfill none of his bad deeds.

The huge election in Georgia must be the start. It must fulfill the expectations of Election 2020, a governing majority in the Executive and Legislative branches of government. The election of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock would complete the deal.

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