Right Side Broadcasting Network throws fit after YouTube mutes its channel ahead of Trump rally

Donald Trump’s Hitler Goof rallies have been drawing less and less interest lately, in part because windmill cancer has tragically taken so many of his rural devotees and also because Fox News no longer sees any benefit to broadcasting them. And why would they? His shtick never changes. It’s like watching a throng of mutant space orangutans break into a flash-orgy on the veranda of your local Olive Garden. At first it’s the damndest thing you’ve ever seen, but after five solid years of it, it just gets boring.

Well, we’re at the point in the story where the ground is a writhing seabed of space-orangutan orgy favors—and yet some networks still can’t quit him. One of these outlets is Right Side Broadcasting Network, which is currently throwing a fit over YouTube’s decision to suspend its account ahead of yet another Trump shite-show.

For the nontweeters:

Conveniently timed just days before President Donald Trump’s rally in Georgia, YouTube has issued a strike on RSBN’s channel.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were notified that our abilities to livestream and upload content have been suspended for one week after YouTube deleted two of our videos that allegedly violated their company policies.

The banned videos include President Donald Trump’s interview with RSBN’s own Brian Glenn backstage at the South Carolina rally and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s interview with RSBN at CPAC 2022.

Giving no respect to our First Amendment rights, YouTube claims these videos contain “elections misinformation” and a lack of “sufficient” context, warranting their removal. …

Boy, that is convenient. YouTube has dedicated itself to quashing misinformation, and just in time, they’re nixing Trump’s upcoming misinfo-palooza. Of course, the First Amendment doesn’t apply here, unless YouTube somehow convinced the feds to storm into the RSBN offices and steal their crayons. But YouTube’s actions probably sound really sinister to people who don’t quite know what the First Amendment is but are nevertheless convinced it’s important.

Of course, the irony here is that the continued existence of Right Side Broadcasting Network proves that our free speech rights remain hale and hearty. After all, as responsible political speech goes, it’s just this side of student snuff films. When you really think about it, they’re lucky YouTube allows them to host a channel at all. Hmm, maybe that’s something YouTube should mull over a bit more. What’dya think?

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  • March 23, 2022
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